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Statement from Steve Bruner

July 15th, 2019

Today I filed paperwork to run for Chief of the Muscogee Creek Nation.  I decided to run for Chief for too many reasons to list.


I watched my mother and father put their heart and soul into creating a constitution for our great nation.  In recent years the things that made our nation great have gotten lost – and I know we can do better.


From the time I left the Tribal Council as Speaker, I have watched neighboring tribes grow and evolve to provide excellent health care for their citizens, educate their children and create opportunity for their communities – while the Muscogee Nation has not made the same progress.


When I was young, I thought of myself as an athlete.  When I got a little older, I was an Army paratrooper, then a police officer and later a businessman. Along the way, I became a husband, and a father, and a grandfather.  But I have always been Creek from the day I was born, because my mother whispered it in my ear. And I came to believe in the greatness of our Muscogee Nation, and how we can always continue to be better.

          - Steve Bruner


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